About... me

My name is Ivan Klindic, I live in Zagreb, Croatia, and I’m trying my best to tell stories with my photos.

Considering my overall career, I describe myself as a content creator. I’m running a couple of websites within the Media platform Group I founded in 2018 (read more on the page My Businesses), and I’m a Content producer in an IT company.

In elementary school, I discovered my love for photography, and in 2008, I started my journey. Since I started photographing seriously, I’ve collaborated with a couple of worldwide news and sports agencies and got published on every continent in the world. I got a Specialist degree in digital photography and processing at the start of my photography career.

I won’t talk about every little thing I did, with whom I’ve collaborated, speak about my awards, or list every interview I gave (I’m done with bragging for now), I can just tell you that I’m a guy who loves his job of freezing moments and telling stories with photos 😎

That one click can change everything, and that’s the thing that inspires me and keeps me going.

This website replaces my first-ever website (ivanklindic.info), where I started uploading my photos in 2010. I’ll shut down that website in September 2024.

Currently, as said on the My Businesses page, I’m running a couple of websites and photo projects. Two, which I consider to be my biggest projects, are Fotografije Zagreba (photo archive with over 100.000 photos of Zagreb and various interesting photo projects) and Croatia Captured (project that I don’t consider a job, this is an adventure that keeps my life batteries full).

I also have to mention Lice Grada (the face of the city – a website about Zagreb which, in a way, started all of this back in 2016) and Zagreb 360 (this is a cool project I would like to work on more because I have really cool ideas, but I simply don’t have that much free time to spare. One day…).

One last thing about photography: I’ve been a Canon shooter for 15+ years, but I’ve been trying out Fujifilm religion since 2021, and I kinda like it 😈

Two not-so-fun-but-interesting facts about me: I love running and watches.