Lice Grada - Where it all started

Lice Grada is a website about the Croatian capital – the city of Zagreb. It publishes articles about its history, photo stories of interesting places and events, as well as articles about the events in the city.

Lice Grada is my oldest business, and which started it all. It’s a brand that came to life in July 2013, and in August 2016 I made a website.

Fotografije Zagreba - The big boy

Translated, it means Photos of Zagreb. It’s an archive of almost 100.000 photos of Zagreb that date back to 2013 until today.

There you can find photo stories of interesting things in the city, different street photos, event photos, architecture photos, many interesting photo projects, etc…

Zagreb 360 - Building my own Zagreb

Zagreb 360 is a project I started in Autumn 2023, but I can't find time to do it like I've planned.

Like the name of the project says, it is a virtual Zagreb where can you walk around the city (currently Upper and Lower Town and a bit further than that) and explore it. I will add more locations and content as soon as I can, I promise! This is a project I want to build on.

Croatia Captured - My hobby

After many many years of photographing Zagreb, I have decided to expand my borders and I started traveling around Croatia and exploring known and less known places around Croatia.

This is something I enjoy doing and it is making me really happy. Join me on my adventures!